Smooth Performance Darts (Formerly Adam Smith-Neale Darts)

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Give our smooth Performance Darts a go – you won’t believe how good the “invisible” grip is!

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The smooth Performance Darts are coated in black titanium nitride.  The coating works with the 90% tungsten to give a superb grip.  There are 2 grooves at the back of the dart to give a reference point for you to land your fingers in the same spot each time.

The Smooth Performance Darts are available in 22g and 24g and come fully loaded with intermediate
nylon stems and Performance Darts flights.

Give our smooth Performance Darts a go – you won’t believe how good the “invisible” grip is!

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22g, 24g

1 review for Smooth Performance Darts (Formerly Adam Smith-Neale Darts)

  1. Scott

    My dart profile/preferences: Rear gripper, I typically like at least a 3 out of 5 grip (especially in the rear of the dart), 22-26gr range. All barrel shapes and lengths. I own around 50 sets of quality tungsten darts. I am reviewing the 22gr version of this dart.

    This dart is everything PD says it is. The coating is actually very grippy with an excellent soft feeling to it. It’s a very tactile feeling, that is pleasurable to hold and release to the board.

    To explain this a bit more, do you know how when you are holding a glass of water and the smooth glass with no discernable texture just “sticks” to your fingers? That is what this dart is like. There is a lot more “grip” with this dart than you would think. But actually grip is the wrong word, and actually this dart has what is called a high coefficient of friction between the dart coating and your fingers.

    I think everyone should have a smooth dart like this to even just work on their (potential) release issues. So this is a must have dart for any player, at any skill level. It will undoubtedly improve your game. Currently this is my match dart, and that is saying something.

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