50 / 50 Performance Darts

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50/50 Performance Darts 90% tungsten. 1 set of 100 micron flights. 1 set ringed intermediate stems

RRP: £34.95

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These 50/50 Performance darts are a combination of two contrasting styles. The rear of the barrel has deep grooved rings which offer maximum grip for a smooth release as well as wide enough grooves to maintain consistent finger placement dart after dart.

The front of the barrel utilises our “invisible grip” technology that gives a reliable no slip surface for players using this section as part of their throwing technique.

The rear part of the dart is finished in silver and the front in a black titanium nitride coating

A set of 90% tungsten darts that stands out from the crowd for many reasons!

The darts come fully loaded with a set of Standard shape No 6 Performance Darts flights and Intermediate nylon ringed stems.

RRP: £34.95

22g   51MM X 6.4MM

24g 51mm x 6.8mm


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