If you can take the rough with the smooth then try out our 50/50 Performance Darts . They are now available in 24g as well as the original 22g.

The 50/50 Range From Performance Darts

The 24g’s vital statistics are 51mm in length and 6.8mm wide.

We have also tweaked the Extreme soft tip range. We have observed the trend towards heavier soft tip darts and have brought out a 22g set to partner our 20g Extremes.

These really are a cracking set of darts and measure in at 43mm x 7.2mm.

The steel tip version of the Extreme’s have also been tweaked but only to bring them in to line with the rest of the range. The pear flights and red stems have been replaced with our Performance Stems and signature flights. The grip point has also been replaced with a smooth point.

The Extreme Performance Range