It is not just fantastic quality darts we produce you know! We have a number of other products, mainly linked to helping dart players improve and all great sellers.

We have now re-branded the DPC Practice Plan to come under the Performance Darts umbrella. The Practice Plan has been a tremendous success and we have had some great feedback on it.

All of the straightforward practice games are laid out in session and week order saving you the time hunting around for different games to play. There is an area to keep your statistics so you have a weekly record of how many darts it takes you to score and finish.

Having this sort of feedback on your darts is essential because as you witness your scores improving this motivates you to practise more!
There are 8 weeks of practice, split into 5 sessions per week.

In this new edition there is also a page with the rules printed in German.

For retailers please log in or set up an account for details on how you can start selling the practice plans and for customers please go to our retailers section to get your copy.