In recent times life at the BDO has been a rollercoaster ride but events over the past few weeks have surpassed anything that has gone before. However, this time, despite one notable exception, there is good news being announced and a sense of optimism is in the air!

The refs all walked out en masse and we were sorry to see the guys headed by our friend Little Richard take this course of action. They have their reasons of course but let’s focus on the good news. First up the World Trophy found a new home! In late August the competition that refuses to die will be held in the King George’s Hall, Blackburn. Our sponsored player and reigning Winmau World Masters Champion Adam “Big Dog” Smith-Neale has drawn The Hammer – Andy Hamilton in the first round. Check out the full draw here 

Talking of the Masters this has been revamped with a new sponsor or sponsors actually, one80Darts and L Style. A fantastic venue has been sourced – The Circus Tavern. A legendary venue probably 2nd behind the Lakeside for status in the Iconic Darts Hall competition.

Then we were hit with the news that the World Championships were going to be held at the 02. Finally, the BDO will be back in charge of their biggest tournament and it will be hopefully a chance to earn some much needed funds for the organisation.

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Some feared that the prize money would be carved up to help towards keeping the event solvent but in fact the opposite is true. Well for the Ladies anyway, their prize money has been significantly raised. Not on par by any means with the Men but heading in the right direction!

So what a fantastic run of events and all the tournaments are going to be televised too.

The first of the majors is looming up, The World Trophy and our main man Adam Smith-Neale still has one sponsorship patch left on his shirt. With all the positivity around the BDO maybe it is time to promote your brand with the help of the new look BDO? Or maybe a 3 tournament deal to take in the Masters and the World Championship.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can promote your business with the help of Big Dog!

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