A big thank you to Paul from Performance Darts for very kindly sending me this set for review.  These are one of the designs submitted in a competition to Performance Darts whereby the lucky winners got to have their designs made into a Performance Dart release.  This particular design was created by Joeri Wienen and given the name Momentum.

These darts come in 23g and 25g, are 90% tungsten and have 4 different grip patterns on the barrel.  I will be reviewing the 25g barrel.

The darts come in the usual Performance Darts clamshell style packaging with the nicely designed paper inserts including the detail on the Performance Darts range and principles on the rear insert.

Inside the outer packaging you get a hard plastic case that contains the 3 darts in a point protector, a set of inbetween length black nylon stems and a set of the new standard size Performance Darts flights, which have a nice design, feel quality and contain the pd logo.

The darts come fitted with 26mm (protruding) plain silver points as standard. The darts themselves are definitely unique while being a traditional straight barrel. The are 4 main grip sections, each one subtly different, as you move along the barrel.

It is possible to feel the difference in the grip patterns, but it is not distracting in the fingers, in fact you can use it to ensure that your grip is where it should be once you determine where your grip falls on the barrel.

The barrel starts off with a tapered nose that has 2 thin ring cuts and leads onto the main dart barrel and the first main grip section of traditional ring cuts. The next section is the traditional ring cuts, but with added vertical cuts that offer slightly more grip over the standard ring cuts.

The third section is a wide shark fin grip with the vertical cuts. For me this is the most grippy section on the barrel. The final section is the wide shark fin grip with no cuts. The transition between the grip sections is seamless with no plain tungsten sections, which I find adds to the feel of the dart. The end of the barrel is a section of plain tungsten with vertical notches cut in for aesthetic affect.

First impressions on the darts are that they look like your traditional ringed straight barrel dart, but there is so much more to the dart when you take the time to have a proper look and see what it offers. In terms of grip level it ranges from low medium to medium. It is not overly grippy, but there is a nice grip effect on the barrel that should suit a large group of players .

Let’s see how these darts match up with the provided weight and dimensions.

All bang on the money at 25.0g – remarkable! The darts measure out at 50mm long and a uniform diameter of 6.8mm. They are drilled out on the rear around 14mm

On to throwing the dart. I have been using a double ring grip dart akin to the Unicorn Taylor / Anderson style for quite a long time, so this dart barrel is less grippy than my usual dart. In saying that, there is enough grip on the dart and the overall feel is nice when throwing it.

My grip falls on the 2 middle sections of grip, therefore I can immediately feel if I have gripped the dart too far forward or back and can readjust my grip as required prior to taking my throw. As ever with Performance Dart branded darts the tungsten has a quality feel to it. I used the supplied setup when throwing the darts and it worked perfectly well.

In conclusion, I was excited to get my hands on these darts and they have not disappointed. Although I don’t think these will replace my match darts, I have really enjoyed throwing them and putting this review together. They have a lovely balance and have a style about them that will appeal to a large section of dart players.

With the grip being based on the traditional ring grip with a modern twist these will last for many years with no concern of the grip wearing out and that is something that appeals to me, as when you get settled with a barrel you do not want to have to change regularly as the grip wears.

It also means that the value for money is really good! In terms of the name of the dart, this was no mistake, as the designer himself says: “I chose the name of my barrels, Momentum, because it’s one of the most important things in a game of darts, literally and figuratively.

Literally the darts need momentum to reach the board. The figurative part is that when you have the momentum in a game of darts everything seems to go in, I want these darts to make you feel like you always have the momentum and will never miss your target.”

Pre orders for these darts are being taken from the 18th of June, with all orders being shipped on the 25th June so you do not have long to wait before you can get your hands on these. Enjoy, happy darting

RRP: £34.95