Meet The Designer

Our 2nd competition winner is Andrew Turpin. Andrew lives around the Southampton area so I have had the chance to meet up with him to discuss his design. Before we tell you more about that here is some info on Andrew in his own words:

I’ve been playing darts regularly for about 4 years now. I co-founded a pub darts team which has grown and gone from strength to strength. I am well known amongst my team mates as a darting nerd!

I went through a spree of changing darts all the time and I’ve always strived to learn the technical elements of the game so I can constantly improve. As well as darts I do freelance design work including photography and graphic design.

We Can Vouch For That

Andrew came up with a fantastic 10 page brochure selling his design to us. We will share some of his graphics with you once we have launched the darts.

Alright, Alright, But What About The Darts!

Andrew has put in an enormous amount of market research to come up with his design. What can we tell you? It is a scalloped bomb design with stand out intricacy, style and grip. Andrew has always loved the Manley, Taylor and Lowe style and his design reflects this.

The rear of the dart is intricately machined to give a rear gripper the sturdiness and comfort they need to move their game forward. In the middle there is a ringed grip finish in the scallop for control on release and a classic bomb style front end with grooves or tiers for grip and to add to the aesthetics of this stunning set!

That’s Enough

We have spoilt you already. These are going to be our first foray into what we consider to be the premium market. But, as Performance Darts have always delivered outstanding value we hope you will be pleasantly surprised with our fair premium price.

We have high hopes for these darts and we hope you love them too.

Launch Date?

The launch date of all three of our new designs will be announced very soon.