We recently held a darts design competition to give one genius darts designer the chance to have their dream darts made. The problem was the standard was so high it was so difficult to find an outright winner, so we had two winners!

First up, meet Joeri

My name is Joeri Wienen, I am 22 years old and live in the very southern part of the Netherlands. I have always been keeping an eye on the darts ever since I was a kid but I really got into it about 3 years ago after closely following the World Championship and watching Gary Anderson win his second title. Afterwards I immediately got myself a board and a set of darts and started practising.

From there on I also started watching as much darts as I could, BDO/PDC/Dartslive, doesn’t matter, everytime I can find a stream or it’s on TV I will be watching.

The biggest joy I get out of darts is not from playing or watching however but from the equipment side of things. I absolutely love collecting darts and have built up a pretty big collection over the past few years.

This is also the reason I really enjoyed designing a set for the Performance Darts competition. Having all these sets at home and going through them thinking ,’maybe this shape with that grip will work wonders’ and just experimenting until I visualized something I was satisfied with, was very fun.

What About The Darts?

This is how Joeri sold his idea for MOMENTUM darts to us:

First of all I chose the name of my barrels, Momentum, because it’s one of the most important things in a game of darts, literally and figuratively. Literally the darts need momentum to reach the board.The figurative part is that when you have the momentum in a game of darts everything seems to go in, I want these darts to make you feel like you always have the momentum and will never miss your target.

I wanted to design a classic straight barrelled dart while still adding a bit of a modern twist to it. I also took into consideration  providing a barrel that would be suitable for nearly everyone with some different grips all over the barrel; offering 4 different grips on the straight part that should feel different enough to distinguish them while still feeling similar enough.

The aim was also to design a barrel that just looks good. The design is in my opinion very appealing to the eye and offers a nice transition between grips for a seamless look with a nice finishing touch using “tails” on the rear of the barrel.

The smaller cuts on the nose of the barrel should help those players that don’t like a smooth nose like myself. The regular ring grip should be for basically everyone, still providing a decent amount of grip while not overdoing it. Adding some longitudinal cuts to some of the rings for some  extra bite and a helpful indicator for finger placement if needed. The “shark fin” grip is one of my personal favourites.

It provides a very nice grip due to the square edges, the tapered space between the rings allows your fingers to really get behind the edge for a very pleasant feeling. Again, the longitudinal cuts along the first two fins give you some extra bite and a nice indication where to place your fingers if needed.

The smooth part on the rear is where the longitudinal cuts that skipped a few rings end in a triangular shape almost making it look like the “tail” of the dart.

Sounding Good!

So, we had better stop there before you all get too excited. The Momentum Darts with their clever integration of 4 different grip patterns fulfil our goal of trying to produce darts that offer something different and that is not already out there. The launch date for Joeri’s magnificent design will be announced very soon!

Performance Darts