The 3 set release of new Performance Darts is going well and we are letting a little bit of info out as we go along – do check back here for updates though! OK, first bit of news is that we are aiming for a mid – June release. Watch this space for a confirmed date very soon!

The second bit of news is that one set (as we announced on social media) has already arrived. This is the set that will be called “Momentum”. They were designed by our friend Joeri Wienen from the Netherlands who was one of our two ‘design a dart’ winners.

Joeri’s entry stood out for a number of reasons – not least as he has managed to integrate 4 grip styles with a contrasting style of nose from our usual Performance Darts, giving us something a little different in our range.

There is plenty more to tell you about the Momentum Darts, we will do that soon, promise!

We also have a new set of Diogo Portela’s Challenger 3’s coming out. You may be able to get a sneak preview of these at the PDC World Cup as he hopes to play with them there.

Finally our 3rd set and our second competition winner, Andrew Turpin’s set of magnificent tungsten darts will be let loose on the darting world. They are very special and we can’t wait for the feedback on them.

The darts will be available from our distributors from the UK to Oz. More details of who you can get them from and when they will be available to purchase very soon!

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