It is all hands on deck at Performance Darts HQ at the moment as we prepare for a three set release of Performance Darts.

I don’t want to spoil the “surprise” of what we have coming your way, but!

First up are the two competition winners. You will remember we offered players the chance to design their own set of darts and we would manufacture them. We had some outstanding entries so we are looking forward to showing off these two sets.

The first is a truly classic Performance Darts design, lots of grip and good looks. The second set is like nothing we have produced before. We are moving into a premium area where we know there is a lot of competition. But, we can handle it. We have high hopes for this set in particular.

Performance Darts

Our 3rd set is the Challenger 3. Diogo “Brazilliant” Portela and Performance Darts have tweaked the Challengers and this has produced a really stunning dart and something quite different. We can’t wait for the feedback on these.

It goes without saying that you will be getting the usual top-quality tungsten darts at a fair price. 100% of the darts as a whole, packaging, flights etc are all made in the UK. We are proud to be able to tell you that.

We will also be introducing our new Performance Darts flights with the PD logo on.

Please do watch this space for our release date and the darts will be offered by the select band of excellent retailers who stock Performance Darts.

Building up to the release date we will introduce the two designers to you and who knows they may drop a few clues as to what their dream dart looks like. We will chat to Diogo about his new set which we hope will propel him to great things at the World Cup and beyond!

Finally, a huge thanks to all our loyal customers – it has been a turbulent few months but the feedback and support we get when our new products are announced is truly amazing and means a heck of a lot!

So, roll on launch day! (we will announce the date as soon as we can).

Performance Darts – Where Tungsten and Science Collide!