We are very proud to release the 2018 World Masters Champion, Adam Smith -Neale’s signature darts!

These 90% tungsten, 22g or 24g Smooth Performance darts are a fantastic addition to our range.

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Adam Smith-Neale Signature Darts

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Big Dog – AKA Adam Smith-Neale took the darts world by storm recently by seemingly coming from nowhere to being crowned 2018 World  Master!

Here we have his signature darts. The smooth Performance Darts are coated in black titanium nitride. The coating works with the 90% tungsten to give a superb grip .

There are 2 grooves at the back of the dart to give a reference point for you to land your fingers in the same spot each time. The Big Dog signature darts are available in 22g and 24g and come fully loaded with intermediate nylon stems and Big Dog signature flights.

22g   48mm x 6.41mm

24g   48mm x 6.44mm