We have had some absolutely brilliant entries for our competition. In the end the standard was so high we couldn’t split the last two remaining entries. So, we decided to call it a tie and we have joint winners who will both see their designs come to life!

Our first winner is Andrew Turpin. He has only been playing darts for 4 years but already has the reputation of being a “darting nerd” with his team mates. Andrew works in design and photography and his skill in these areas shone through in what was a stunning presentation for his dream darts.

Now we are very much a substance over style business but Andrew’s darts just happened to match the superb design drawings he submitted. These darts will become our first foray into the premium darts arena and we believe will be a tremendous success.

Performance Darts

Our second winner is Joeri Wienen.  Joeri presented an immaculate drawing of a dart very much out of the Performance Darts mould, it will fit in very well. It is very much a “grip is King” concept but with the added benefit of it looking lovely on the eye and a great name too.  Joeri sent us a bit of info about himself:

“My name is Joeri Wienen, I am 22 years old and live in the very southern part of the Netherlands. I have always been keeping an eye on the darts ever since I was a kid but Ireally got into it about 3 years ago after closely following the World Championship and watching Gary Anderson win his second title.

Afterwards I immediately got myself a board and a set of darts and started practising. From there on I also started watching as much darts as I could, BDO/PDC/Dartslive, doesn’t matter, every time I can find a stream or it’s onTV I will be watching.

The biggest joy I get out of darts is not from playing or watching however but from the equipment side of things. I absolutely love collecting dartsand have built up a pretty big collection over past few years.

This is also the reason I really enjoyed designing a set for the Performance Darts competition. Having all these sets at home and going through them thinking “maybe this shape with that grip will work wonders” and just experimenting until I visualized something I was satisfied with was great fun.”

So, there you are, we will get moving with both their designs in the new year.

To all the other entrants, thank you. I am not exaggerating when I say that every entry was a contender. We will be in touch with everyone personally soon to say thanks and answer the questions that have been raised by some of you whilst waiting for the winner to be announced.

We will definitely be holding the same comp in 12 months time so get designing!