Have you ever dreamed of having your own signature darts? Here’s your chance.

Performance Darts have made their name by collaborating with grassroots players to create darts that dart players want to throw. We are looking for a new design that offers something different and in return we will create your signature darts as part of the Performance Darts range.

  1. Please submit your design with as much detail as possible, for example:
  • Barrel Length
  • Barrel width
  • Style of Grip – Width of any Rings – Depth of Grooving – Placement of any Scallop
  • Colour of Darts
  • What Points and What Colour

Here is an example of a plan Optimum Darts designer David Gill did for us when one of our sponsored players, Peter Sajwani was designing his new darts. As you can see the detail makes life easy for us to create the exact dart that you want.

Plan Your Darts

  1. Most importantly, tell us why these darts are different. What do they offer the dart player? Have a good look at the Performance Darts range at www.performancedarts.com to see what we already produce.
  2. ALL entries will remain strictly confidential. Performance Darts or any other company they are associated with undertake not to copy or produce identical sets without the consent of the designer

The winning entry will be marketed by Performance darts under their own brand with acknowledgment to the winning designer on the packaging. The winning designer will receive 20 sets of their own signature darts with their own unique packaging designed in collaboration with Performance Darts.

Imagine your own unique packaging!

No further royalties will be paid. The winner will agree to hand over the design to the ownership of Performance Darts

Closing date: 1 December 2018

Entries to be submitted to


or on paper to

Paul Gillings Performance darts 29A Station Road New Milton Hants BH25 6HR