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Performance DartsNews of some changes for the Performance Darts brand!

One of the most successful and rewarding parts of The Darts Performance Centre has been the creation, adaption and growth of the Performance Darts range. In a market place packed with long established brands producing high quality darts, it is a daunting prospect trying to find some space to develop your own brand of darts.

But we have done it, thanks to our innovative designs, exceptional value and most importantly the amazing support and feedback we get from our customers. Our loyal following of Performance Darts’ fans and users have been immense in spreading the word, coming up with new ideas and giving us all a lift when the many positive remarks and feedback come in.

Performance Darts

However, the time has come for the Performance Darts to evolve further. By the end of the month the Performance Darts will be separated from the Darts Performance Centre and will operate as an independent brand of its own.

Why? Well we want to start wholesaling the Performance Darts to other online and High Street darts shops to spread the word even further than we have managed. We felt the best way to achieve this, and the fairest for our new wholesale customers was to separate the DPC from Performance Darts.

The DPC Darts shop will still stock the Performance Darts of course but so will your favourite darts retailer not just in the UK but Europe and the rest of the World too.

Our new Performance Darts trade website will be launched very soon so any darts companies that would like to share the success of the range please do get in touch for all the details.

Performance Darts

We will be having a celebration of the separation of the Performance Darts towards the end of the month. We will be introducing all the new darts retailers who have got onboard and there will be some competitions running all day to win some darts.

Watch this space for the date!

So, a huge thanks to all those who have been involved in the creation and who have or still do throw the Performance Darts, your support has been amazing. We have some great ideas for some new ranges as well as some other ideas you will definitely want to be involved with.

So it’s goodbye to the DPC darts and welcome to The Performance Darts range!

Performance Darts

Author: Paul Gillings ( )